More about our Services

System Rebuild

Rebuild of computer includes as below:

  • All data is backed up (where possible)
  • The hard drive is wiped then a fresh clean copy of your operating system (OS) eg. Windows, MacOS, is reinstalled with the latest updates.
  • All programs (available to us)are reinstalled and fully updated, including anti-virus software. A list of previously installed software will be located in the RnD Folder on the desktop, this list has all previous installed programs listed and links to download them again. Programs cannot be coped across from previous builds.
  • Your data (files, photos, music etc.) restored to their previous location.
  • Email settings reinstalled where available.
  • Service

    A system service involves:

  • An in-depth analysis and repair of OS and software.
  • A full range of hardware tests.
  • Spyware, malware, adware and virus scans and removal by 9+ different professional grade anti-malware programs.
  • Various software maintenance procedures.
  • MinimiSing start-up processes and optimising boot time.
  • Removal of unwanted/unneeded programs and broken shortcuts.
  • Registry clean and optimisation.
  • Updating, repairing and optimising the OS.
  • Updating AV software definitions.
  • Installation of a useful suite of software.
  • Heat Treatment

  • Clean all internal components of dust and lint.
  • Application of thermal paste where necessary.
  • Visual check of cooling system and fans.